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Seven Reasons Why Gold May Be Right for You


Understanding Gold Investing


What you need to understand about gold first and foremost – gold can be volatile.

Like stocks and other investments, in the short term, its price can go up and down. If you’re looking for a fast profit or an investment for quick trading, forget about gold. That’s better left to the gamblers.

Despite its day-to-day volatility, gold’s value has been the most stable investment on Earth, bar none. Gold’s value has remained steady over time, whether you go back 100 years or 1,000. Gold is considered the ultimate safe haven investment against inflation and financial crisis and your most reliable form of financial insurance.

This claim is not mere speculation or hyperbole but part of a significant and growing consensus among academics, independent researchers, and asset allocation experts.


Why Gold?


Throughout history, gold has been viewed as a store of value. It is an essential currency that cannot be manipulated by the interest rate policies of any one government.

  • Gold has traditionally been used as a hedge against inflation. As the world’s currencies decline, money moves to gold in order to take advantage of its traditional protection.
  • Gold is growth: In the last 10 years, no other paper investment has had the return on investment that gold has – over 300%!
  • Gold is a security that is uncorrelated with stocks or bonds and has traditionally gained in value as the stock market plummets as investors look for more stable investments. For this reason, having gold in your portfolio helps to reduce overall volatility.
  • Because you own the physical gold, there is no counterparty risk, and no worries about the “promise to pay” of paper assets. As has been said, gold is not an investment, gold is real money.
  • Gold is the ultimate liquid asset. It can be sold easily and quickly.
  • Because gold does not correlate with stocks and bonds, gold offers an asset class to give your portfolio greater diversity and balance.

All of this considered, gold is one of your best ways to invest.


Is Gold a Good Investment Now?


In 2001 an ounce of gold cost $271. Within 10 years it had reached $1,896, an increase of almost 700 percent. This period, which saw banks collapse and currencies quake, was also one of the stormiest economic periods in recent history.

As is often the case with gold, during periods of economic disaster investors often move to gold as a safe haven.

Unlike money, gold can’t be printed or debased – physical gold is the ultimate savings vehicle.


Gold Investing Tips: How to Put Gold in an IRA


First of all, an eligible IRA transfer/rollover would be an individual self-directed retirement account or an old 401k.

A 401k through a current employer is not an eligible rollover.

For an eligible transfer, funds are shifted from the current custodian to a precious metals custodian.

Your account is established in three business days. The transfer is without penalty or tax consequences.

The new custodian sends a transfer request form to the old custodian. Once those funds reach the metals custodian, your precious metals specialist at RC Bullion goes over your investment options and then will price protect the coins you decide to invest in at current market prices.

One week later your precious metals will be shipped to a Depository in your name.

The coins are 100% insured at the depository through Lloyd’s of London at no cost to you, the client.


Learn More About Investing in Gold


Every day you wait to protect yourself, your family, and your wealth against future financial uncertainties is another day of putting your retirement at risk. Don’t let your portfolio be missing the one thing that can provide you with a hedge and serve as protection in all seasons and under most circumstances – gold and silver.

Transferring a portion of your IRA to gold can help to protect your retirement from the highly fluctuating stock market. But before you do anything with your money make sure to do your homework and get the best information available.

You can begin by downloading a FREE mini-course that was designed to help answer many of your questions about gold and silver investing and coins. Full of important money-saving investment tips, this guide has helped teach many of our clients to invest like experts. If you’d like to save precious time and possibly thousands of dollars, you need to read this today!

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