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Clients of all sizes use Hibu for their business pay-per-click (PPC) management services. PPC does not compete with organic listings and is proven to get the most transactional traffic. That means PPC or Pay Per Click attracts individuals who are looking to buy NOW.


PPC or Pay-Per-Click Is Search Advertising


These are the ads that appear when customers are searching for a product or service, usually on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Using search ads is especially smart and effective because it places your ad in front of an audience when they’re actively searching for a product, service, or information.




  • Extremely targeted — Search advertising makes it possible for you to reach a very selective audience to match your individual business objectives
  • Qualified leads — Customers are driven to your site just as they’re seeking out the specific product or service you provide


When it comes to advertising online, where will your small business get the best results / the best ROI / the best bang for your buck? Start by asking yourself these simple questions:


Are your customers looking at ads…

  • On search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo?
  • On the websites they visit every day?
  • On social platforms like Facebook and Instagram?


The short answer to all of those is “Yes” — and your online advertising strategy needs to reach all of your customers, whether they’re searching… surfing… or on social media.


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