The Business Directory in 2021


This is the second time writing about small business and it’s relation to the business directory. The first time writing on the business directory was way back in 2002, but after looking at some current data I knew it was time to cover the subject once again. So here are some reasons to rediscover the business directory in 2021.


The Purpose Of The Local Directory


Let’s face it we both know people are not going to look up your Bainbridge Island, WA business in directories like or Manta, etc. For the most part people are going directly to their chosen search engine such as Google, Bing or even Duck Duck Go. Just think about it, when was the last time you went to to find a local Bainbridge Island, WA  business?  So if we are not using directories for searching, what is the purpose of listing you business in the business directory in 2021?

Number one: Listing your local business helps search engines find search inquires faster and more accurately, and that is why it is so important for your business information to be in directories and consistent across all directories. I am sure you read between the lines with my statement.. The real bare-bones answer is Google like’s it. Why does Google like it? Because it aids the search engine in providing more accurate deliverers when people search. Therefore, for that reason alone it helps your business, especially if google considers the particular directories trustworthy.

When your business is listed correctly, in the right local small business directories your website local search strength will improve. If your business is listed incorrectly or inconsistently it is hurting your ability to be found in local search. Why? Because the inconsistent business information, or incorrect citations create business data which is confusing the search engines.


Not All Directories Are Alike 


You must prioritize the need for local business citation building. Secondly, you must have your business listed correctly. However, it is believed that as much as 87% of businesses across the nation are listed incorrectly on the internet or lack any kind of listing at all. With those statistics, it’s not that hard for a smart business owner to see the potential to aggressively capture market share with the right plan implemented.

Local search is everything today for a small business to thrive. Which means local SEO is vital to sustainable success for your business. The No. 1 negative local ranking factor is a listing detecting a false business location, phone number, and even category.


SEO Is Vitally Important For Your Business


So what do SEO, citations or business directory listings have to do with each other?   My team has the data to prove the fact that citations play an important role in taking advantage of the power of local search. I can get a bit geeky talking about back-links and domain authority but I won’t and just simplify.  As it was way back in the early 2000’s as today in 2021 directories play a role arguably not as significant, however a role they still play.

Now that you have this extremely valuable information what should you do as a business owner? The answer is so simple. Let our dedicated team of citation specialists clean-up your existing citations, fix incorrect information & build new listings that will boost your local authority in Google.

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