Today it is so easy to become angry about the economy and the financial struggle so many Americans are facing due to the high cost of living. Emotions are ranging from fear to freaking out, from anger to intense anxiety. If you’ve ever experienced severe money problems you know how stress and worry can destroy your emotional health.


People around the country are giving up, discouragement has taken over and individuals and families alike are preparing for a lifestyle less desirable.


What I don’t want you to do is give up, claim the whole thing’s rigged, and stop attempting to achieve your dreams. Maybe I’m sounding a bit overdramatic but then again possibly you can relate a little too well.



So let’s talk about doing the opposite. Let’s talk about real financial empowerment: In this brief article, I want to help you envision the possibilities for your money. Let’s talk about what we control and what we can change and improve upon in our lives. And let’s go so far that we talk about improving your money story. Improving your financial life.


¬†Most financial experts’ starting point


  1. Develop a plan
  2. Work the plan
  3. Achieve the plan


Maybe the financial experts don’t say it exactly the way I just did, but you get the jist. Now I must admit the advice is great it’s just not where you need to begin. I have a different starting point that I would like to share with you right now.


My starting point for you


  1. Vision
  2. Desire
  3. Commitment


Let’s take a brief look at each of these steps:


Vision: What do you envision for your money? Do you have a vision for your financial life? What do you want your money to do for you? What do you want your financial life to look like both short-term and long-term?

This is the starting point for your new money story. It all begins with a vision.


Desire: Once you confirm your vision for your financial life desire builds your why. Why do you want your money story to change? How badly do you want to accomplish and achieve the changes your money vision represents? Do you want it badly enough?

This is the second step to help drive the action steps it is going to take to achieve your money vision.


Commitment: Here’s the hard work. Maybe your vision will require much effort or time and sacrifice. Maybe your journey will experience difficulties along the way. Commitment will take the form of perseverance, focus, sacrifice, and getting up when you’re struck down.

Maybe your money vision will require you to build a business, invent, or invest. In other words, your money vision may take time, and some hard work and commitment will make it happen. How badly do you want to see what you say you desire come to pass?

This is the third step to help your money vision move from a dream to a reality.


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