Integrity has become a missing ingredient in many lives. Therefore I believe it is well overdue as we take some time to explain and explore personal integrity.


What Does Personal Integrity Mean?


When you search the definition of personal integrity online you’ll find many helpful terms, words, and phrases to describe what personal integrity is. You’ll find it described as living according to a moral code, and ethical principles, and living a life of honesty.

You could say that integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking, and even when the choice is very difficult.

Living in integrity is you unchanging even though conditions around you change. In other words, whether things are going well or you’re facing adversity and difficulty your moral, and ethical standards remain constant. You’ll not be influenced nor will you stray away from your moral compass as it guides you through life’s journey.


Why Is Personal Integrity Important?


A person with high integrity is more likely to feel content in life since they know what their values and priorities are and aren’t afraid to take action to pursue them. Nor knocked off course easily by being influenced or mislead.

In fact, personal integrity will literally be a guide throughout your life. Read carefully and think about this ancient proverb. “The integrity of the upright will guide them.”

Demonstrating integrity can make you more friends, too.

Others value integrity in the people they surround themselves with since most people don’t like to work or be with others who don’t have strong or even aligned values.

An individual, an organization, and leaders actually perform better when there’s an environment that values integrity and where employees and people are held to high ethical standards.


How To Demonstrate Personal Integrity


Personal Integrity is a critical life skill and is improved and demonstrated by the way you live your life day in and day out.

Being consistent with your values and principles is the most effective way to show you have personal integrity and can be relied upon to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

You can also show your personal integrity if you are upfront about any potential mistakes you’ve made. Keeping yourself honest is a strong contributor to having integrity.

If you’re ever in doubt about how you can show integrity, just ask yourself what is the right thing to do.


Let’s Conclude With Four Attributes of Integrity.


1. Have and follow a set of values

It’s impossible to have integrity if you don’t have a moral code that you set for yourself and follow.

Your values become your roadmap to success in personal integrity.


2. Be honest 

Honesty is also a critical part of having personal integrity.

In addition to following a set of values, you should also be transparent and honest about your actions because you have nothing to hide.


3. Lead by example

One of the worst types of leaders is someone with the philosophy, “do as I say, not as I do.”

You’ll be seen as someone with a good character if you can follow your morals while everyone else follows their whims. You may even inspire others to live by an ethical, moral code.


4. Take responsibility 

There will probably come a time when you don’t demonstrate integrity well or slip up on your values. This is normal everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

When you’ve messed up, own up to your mistake and hold yourself accountable for any repercussions.

Integrity is a lifelong journey that requires patience as you cultivate this critical life skill.


Ric Bender
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