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Creating Personal Brand Awareness


Creating personal brand awareness is essential for you and your small business. With the vast sea of online competition, customers will naturally gravitate towards brands they know over choosing unfamiliar brands. A lack of personal brand awareness also means a lack of content online to substantiate what a brand claims they do. Ensuring that a brand is engaged online builds brand equity and greater profit potential through top-of-mind usage and trust factors.

Creating personal brand awareness online helps consumers to understand the personality of the brand and what and how many things set them apart from the competition, which speaks to consumer’s specific needs. Brand awareness also builds up user trust, which is a factor in consumer purchasing decisions, as well as B2B being decisions. Consistent online user engagement can establish a company as an industry authority which drives initial traffic to the business, conversions, and word-of-mouth and online recommendations.


Brand Awareness and Search Engine Optimization


Another benefit of personal brand awareness is how it impacts search engine optimization. Brand awareness is built through consistent, targeted online marketing, engaging users on social media through posts, group industry conversations, and other methods of social outreach. This consistent and frequent engagement offers up opportunities for search engine indexing, which improves ranking. Search engines also value brands and their posted content when users are engaged with them online. Without consistent brand presence and awareness, consumer engagement falls short.


Think about The Brands You Use


Think of your favorite or most trusted brands.  Consumers buy brands that they know and trust. You’d be hard-pressed to find a consumer who opted for a ketchup labeled, “red ketchup” over tried and true well-known brand. A strong focus on consistency in building brand awareness online can make a brand a “go-to name” in the industry resulting in a sustainable business and overall business growth. Brand awareness creates a relationship with the audience based on familiarity, competition differentiation, and trust. It is crucial for building a consumer base, hitting sales and engagement objectives, as well as long-term sustainability.

Being a great brand is step one, but without brand awareness, who will know?

Written by Ric Bender 


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