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6 Tips To Have Greater Impact


There are many small business owners driven to make an impact. Driven to make a difference in the world. If you have lost some of your drive here are 6 tips that I have found that will help you to be more influential and have a much greater impact in the world around you.

Steps For Greater Impact



Talk About Solutions

Instead of spending all your time and energy on talking about all the problems. Talk about the solutions.


Think About The Good Things

Instead of focusing on how bad things are spend time thinking about what is good.


Get Around Positive People

There is so much negative in the world and there are people just want to make others as miserable as they are. Get around positive people, people that want to deliver solutions, fix the problems with a plan and seeking significance.


Commit To Serving Others

Servant leadership is the key and the truth of a fulfilled life is a life that knows and practices the fact that it is better to give than to receive. When you are bringing value and you making an impact.


Life Does Not Need To Be One Constant Exhausting Competition

Stop comparing everything about you with others around you. Replace this with giving full attention to your goals and dreams.


Be Authentic

It is important to be yourself – your authentic self.


You started your small business to make an impact. It’s when we get of course and lose our way we loose our influence over the very marketplace we are seeking to change. Though the 6 items listed above do not make for a comprehensive list, they do indeed provide a great foundation to help you make a greater impact in the world and marketplace.


Written by Ric Bender


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