understanding the digital media landscape

Understanding the digital media landscape.

The digital media landscape is an ever-changing one. Digital media can be defined as advertising space on digital platforms, such as websites, blogs, digital magazines, podcasts, apps, streaming audio, and other digital properties.

Digital advertising consistes of several components and factors, including ad formats, bidding, and measurement metrics such as click-through rate, impressions, and conversion rate, among others. In contrast to traditional and or mass media advertising, the digital space, allows both a targeted approach along with the benefit of solid measurement methods allowing advertisers to easily prove a return on investment.

In fact, it’s even becoming possible to measure the impact of digital media advertising on offline sales – that is, determining how exposure to digital media ads has impacted buying behavior in the real world.

No longer can advertisers ignore the power of or the need to have their branding or selling message in or on digital media. For example as smartphone apps continue to grow in popularity, almost taking over websites, every advertiser must consider which app to have their message in.

The digital media landscape can become time consuming and confusing. However, Ric Bender can bring clarity to your strategies.

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