Think about creating a podcast

Think About Creating A Podcast

As you consider the many marketing options for your small business, think about creating a podcast.

Not only are podcasts more popular than ever, one of the most interesting, revealing, and uplifting results of The Infinite Dial consumer survey revealed March 2017 by Edison Research and Triton Digital is the podcast completion metric.

To the surprise of many in the podcast industry

40% of listeners stick through entire podcast episodes, and another 45% listen to “most” of their shows. As a business owner considering a podcast this is good news because people will listen. It is also good news if you wish to sell advertising in your podcast to help cover expenses or promotional costs. This report mentioned above reveals that 85% of podcast listeners hear pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements (if they don’t skip through them), and nearly half of those people could hear a post-roll too.

As you think about creating a podcast realize you do need to produce a quality product along with promoting it, especially if you want to generate business from your podcast. If you need help in creating a podcast and or promoting your podcast contact me to discuss your various options available.

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