The Road of Surrender

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the Road of surrender

The Road of Surrender

“Lord, what do you want me to do?” Then the Lord said to him, Arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.” Acts 9:6

As Saul is seeking to penalize all and every believer of Jesus he is traveling from Jerusalem to arrest as many believers as he possibly can. As he is traveling with a heart full of hatred for Christ he experiences an encounter with Jesus that will change his heart and his life forever.

Before I address his conversion taking place later in this chapter I would like us to take a look at the surrender of this man which precedes his conversion. May I say this same surrender must take place in our hearts before any kind of conversion can be considered lasting and real.

Many people do not realize what happens to Saul in our scripture is a key to all of Christianity. We learn of it in the words of our Risen Christ to Saul. What are those words? Take a moment and think about what Jesus said to him, Jesus tells him to “Go into the city and you will be told what to do.” What’s the big deal you ask?

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Up to this moment, Saul who will become Paul had been doing what he thought best, what his will dictated. But from this time forward he will be told what to do. What to say. Where to go. He will never again take his own way, but ever after Jesus way.

As I write these words a very large percentage of Americans will state they are Christians. Yet they have yet to surrender like Saul. I know this is a bit blunt but here goes. The Christian is a man or woman ( yes who believes in Jesus work on the cross and resurrection ) who ceases to do what he or she wants to do and who has begun to do what Jesus Christ desires to be done.

The Christian road is the road of surrender. It’s the life that lives like Jesus’ to do the will of God.

Have you surrendered your way for Jesus way? Are you still dictating and directing or are you like Saul living a surrendered life to Jesus?

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