The Action of Faith

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The action of faith

The Action of Faith

Can your faith be seen?

Would you like to live a life of faith that God responds to? Here’s the reason I ask? What we learn in the gospel of Mark Chapter Two is Jesus, responding to the faith of people.

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I believe there is a vital lesson for every believer to grasp, there are times when God will not move until we first step out in faith and this is the point of the book; “The Action of Faith” helping you take the step of faith Jesus is waiting for you to take before He moves in your life.

Please do not misunderstand me – It’s not that we can ever obligate God by our faith as some teach. God is always sovereign. And it’s not to believe that all the promises of God require us to do anything other than being his child. You see there are unconditional promises and there are promises that God will indeed be watching for our loyal hearts and unwavering faith.

My prayer is “The Action of Faith” will encourage, instruct and inspire you to walk in greater faith today than yesterday.

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