Scott Furrow

Pastor Scott Furrow came to FBC as Senior Pastor in 2004. He and his wife Kristy have two boys, James and John. He graduated from U.C. Riverside with a degree in History and Law and Society and has a Master’s in Divinity from Bethel Theological Seminary on a Greek/Hebrew emphasis. As Senior Pastor, he is passionate about preaching the Bible and showing it’s relevance for today. He is the host of the Cultivating Ethos Radio Program on KPRZ AM 1210 & FM 106.1

Pastor Scott loves baseball, golf, writing and visiting presidential libraries. Also, he loves a good hamburger. He is famous for his chocolate chip cookies and using the word Oikos. Also, he loves coffee, lots of coffee. He would be glad to take you to coffee. He is convinced that San Diego is indeed America’s Finest City.

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