Small Business Listings

Small Business Listings

According to a Constant Contact survey; 85% of small businesses say that it’s important for them to be found in local search through small business listings.

However only half of these businesses have ever updated their online listings information. Fifty percent of these businesses know they have inaccurate listings, but 70 percent say they just don’t have the time to update their business information, or create any citation building.

When your business is listed correctly and in the right directories your website search strength will improve. If your business is listed incorrectly or inconsistently it is hurting your ability to be found in local search. Why? because the inconsistent business information, or incorrect citations create business data which is confusing the search engines.

You must have your small business listings.

You must prioritize the need for citation building. Secondly you must have your business listed correctly. However, it is believed that as much as 87% of businesses across the nation are listed incorrectly on the internet or lack any kind of listing at all. With those statistics it’s not that hard for a smart business owner to see the potential to aggressively capture market share with the right plan implemented by VigarooPlus.

Local search is everything today for small business to thrive. Which means local SEO is vital to sustainable success for your business. The No. 1 negative local ranking factor is a “listing detected at false business location.”

Your small business success depends on local search.

We have the data to prove the fact that citations play an important role in taking advantage of the power of local search. With the rise of smart phones and the way the consumer now uses his or her phone on a daily basis local search has become the delivery system of search engines now. So I end with the question I began with – small business listings are important, are you listed?

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