One Mission

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One Mission

One Mission

You shall be witnesses to Me.” – ACTS 1:8

Focus is a very helpful thing when it comes to getting things accomplished. When we know our objective or goals we can measure our success or our effectiveness if you prefer. We can also eliminate the activity that accomplishes little or worse the activity that leads us away from our main purpose. Here in ACTS, we have a revelation of the Christian Church and her one mission.

I realize not all churches will align with this or church leaders and congregations will agree but if we will align our local churches with the Word of God it is clear there is one mission. And that mission is simply and inclusively that of making Christ Jesus known.

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In addition, we have the method by which this one mission is to be accomplished which is that of the witness of all her members. In fact, it has been stated the measure in which every Christian soul is a living witness is the measure in which every Christian Church is fulfilling her true mission.

As I stated in the beginning focus is a very good thing and may I add simplicity along with clarity should be a welcomed concept indeed. And it is true that some people go to church while others are being the church. Let’s be the church and dig into the work of our one mission.

Let each one of us go before the Lord Jesus in prayer and the Holy Spirit and ask the question – How am I doing Lord? Is my thinking. My speaking. My actions of living and life helping you to be heard, seen and made known?

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