Meekness A Characteristic of Leadership

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Meekness A Characteristic of Leadership

Meekness A Characteristic of Leadership.

I know meekness and leadership seem as if they shouldn’t be in the same sentence. However, being meek is greatly misunderstood by many people if not by the masses.

To describe meekness as a quality characteristic of leadership doesn’t even sound close to being right in the eyes of most people today. However, this post is not about how our culture views leadership but how Jesus views leadership. And when it comes to meekness and leadership Jesus certainly is in sharp contrast to that of the world’s view.

Meekness is strength under control.

Our culture perceives meekness as weakness and yet the bible tells us as believers in Christ to be meek. The great leader Moses we are told “was a very meek man, meeker than anyone else on the face of the earth.” Jesus says it is the “meek that shall inherit the earth.” As we seek to run our businesses and organizations to honor God we must realize that being meek is kingdom thinking and kingdom action. Being meek has been defined as a strength under control, but whose control?

Meek leadership is certainly exemplified by Jesus. It amazes me when we consider Jesus the Son of God and God the Son who could have demonstrated great strength of his own instead exemplifies the great strength of being meek and the greatest leader we will ever know. He lived his life each day to do the will of The Father, completely surrendered to the leading and the power of The Holy Spirit.

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As believers in Jesus Christ, we must all ask, “Do I really believe I can be transformed into the Master’s image? and secondly “Do I want to follow his example of making him Lord or merely use him as the source of salvation”? I know the questions seem brutally blunt but after all, we are all too busy to waste time and words.

Jesus came to both redeem and to reproduce.

Would you like to get your leadership and spiritual life to a whole new level? If your answer is yes, then here’s how. Start following the clear instructions from Paul the Apostle in Galatians 5:25 “If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit.” We will be much better leaders and people as we live our daily life surrendered to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Here is what will happen – Little by little, day by day, our lives will become the divinely designed life desired for us by God himself. And I ask you what is better than that this side of heaven?

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