Jesus Ministry Continues

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Ministry Continues

“…until the day in which He was taken up after He through the Holy Spirit had given commandments to the apostles whom He had chosen.” – Acts 1:2

The major thing that Jesus did between His resurrection that first Easter morning and Pentecost was to be sure His disciples understood how He would continue His ministry with them. The portion of our verse which reads “He through the Holy Spirit had given commandments.” can be rendered, that Jesus taught His disciples about the Holy Spirit.

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You see, Jesus wanted His disciples to know that after His ascension He would be back but before He returns or between is ascension and return the Holy Spirit would be His continuing, present-tense ministry among them. Jesus ministry did not cease when He ascended to heaven. Luke begins the book of Acts reminding us that his gospel (the gospel of Luke) records what Jesus began and this book volume two otherwise known as the book of Acts records how Jesus ministry continues.

Jesus’ disciples needed to know ( as do we ) that the same Lord who had lived, died, resurrected and ascended to Heaven would still be continuing His ministry, now through the Holy Spirit. Jesus wanted the disciples to know that The Holy Spirit would be the source of their power to live the abundant life He had promised them.

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Jesus told them they would never be alone. He would come to them and never leave them. He had promised that He would make His home in them, that they were to abide in Him and He would abide in them. This would be and is accomplished by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is telling His disciples the power they would receive is not something but Someone, The Holy Spirit.

*And that is He whom we can expect. The Holy Spirit living inside of us. God with us, the Eternal Spirit who brooded over the water at creation broods over the turbulent sea in our hearts and produces a new creation. His Spirit convinces us of His unmerited favor toward us, His love in the cross, and of His power to raise us out of the grave of our old selves.

Yes, that is Jesus’ ministry, the work which continues by the Holy Spirit until He returns.

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*Lloyd J. Ogilvie