Is The Business Directory Listing Still Valuable?

Is The Business Directory Listing Still Valuable?

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It’s a great question in my estimation due to the fact that many business owners and marketing directors in the financial services category are asking the same question. So is the business directory listing still valuable? Here are some of my thoughts.

According to a Constant Contact survey; 85% of small businesses say that it’s important for local businesses to be found and listed in local search business directories. Now this number is way to low. Every business, firm and practice in the financial services category should be concerned about local search.

Does The Local Business Directory Still Have Purpose?:

Let’s go back to our survey I mentioned earlier, of the 85% surveyed only half of these businesses have ever updated their online listings information. 50% of these businesses know they have inaccurate listings, and 70% say they just don’t have the time to update their business information, or create any citation building. So that action would prove that business owners, practice managers are not thinking this is a priority. Should this be a priority for your Financial Services practice?

Here Is A Fact:

When your business, firm and or practice is listed correctly in the right business directories, such as directories with follow links and high domain authority this may improve your website traffic and bounce rate. It’s a very broad statement and involves a great many factors. Your practice could be listed perfectly in the directories typically sold from companies like Yext, Hibu and the others that are always trying to sell you directory listings as the holy grail, as if this will dramatically optimize your site. The truth is you could have all those listing and still find your website traffic not improving and the organic leads you are hoping for not happening.

So Is The Business Directory Listing Still Valuable?:

The simple answer is the business directory listings do not hurt as long as all the information is correct and exactly the same. However, having said that some directory listings are useless. The more high quality, relevant links you can get the better. However you must prioritize the need for citation building. For instance the cookie cutter directories offer you very little help when it comes to search. But some will really help your search. Quite honestly that is why you need a guy like me and the advice I offer. Now for the record. I do place clients in certain directories but it is a case-per-case basis. You’re building a brand, along with a firm, a financial services practice and you need to get found, you need to standout and you do need your website to rank as high as possible increasing your domain authority with time and quality back links.

Local search for the small financial firm, community bank or credit union are very important today. This means local SEO is vital to sustainable success for your business. And interestingly enough the No. 1 negative local ranking factor is a “listing detected a false business location.” You do not want to confuse search engines. You want to make it really simple for search engines to find you according to a search request and deliver your site over a competitors. The online search is here to stay and if you are going to compete, you need help.

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Your Firms Future Depends On Local Search Engine Optimization:

You may have a full calendar now but what about the next month, year or 5 years from now? What’s your plan to reach the next generation? Will they find your business, your practice or firm relevant?

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