Interactive Radio

Interactive radio is rich media, digital advertising

Interactive radio allows your ads to entertain and engage, while serving your advertising objectives. Interactive radio can deliver digital ads such as surveys, games, scratch-and-wins, video, and other rich media ads which can be entertaining and drive heavy engagement.

Interactive radio allows these ads to be synchronized with audio ads, or delivered as “digital-only” ads into radio station digital properties. You see more and more people are listing to their favorite radio station via the radio station mobile apps.

Audio Ads

Right place, right time, leveraging a powerful call to action

We now can create a unique and very powerful link to be created between audio ads and synchronized executions of digital ads. We monitor the radio station broadcast (and streams), we know which ad is playing when and to which audience. Advertisers are now able to leverage the synchronization between audio and digital, driving awareness and engagement interest with an audio ad and then enabling action via a coordinated digital campaign.

Interactive Radio

The app delivers the interactive digital ad to the best publisher platforms at the ideal time relative to the execution of the radio ad. For example, when an advertiser runs a spot radio commercial during morning drive time, we deliver the corresponding interactive digital ad to targeted publisher platforms within the optimal time window relative to the spot execution. Advertisers can now reach and drive action from the entire broadcast listener base.


Right place, right time, right person

Interactive radio

Complementing the power of audio triggered ads, we enable the precise targeting of the audience for synchronized ad delivery. By capturing user data for all listeners who consume radio content – no matter where – and combining that data with data from various other digital sources (through key DMP relationships), We can allow advertisers to fine-tune their targeting to only those consumers who have most likely heard their radio ad.

The power of this targeting is immensely valuable for marketers. Advertisers can continue to drive awareness and encourage action with the wide-reach of broadcast advertising, while focusing their digital dollars on those consumers who are most likely to act. And all of this consumer action and engagement is measurable and attributed back to the broadcaster.

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