God, Why Aren’t You Working In My Life?

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God, why aren't you working in my life?

God, why aren’t you working in my life?

We’ve all said it, shouted from the rooftops or cried it in our hearts “God, why aren’t you working in my life? What are you waiting for?” I’m praying, asking, seeking and even knocking but nothing seems to change. Where are you? Don’t you care?

When God seems distant or uncaring

I’d like you to really understand something about your Heavenly Father; He loves you, cares for you and is involved in the smallest to the largest of details – even in the times when you think He isn’t. Jesus reveals this comforting truth to us in John 15 when he explains to us about the Vine, the Branches, and the Vinedresser.

God the Father is the Vinedresser Jesus goes on to tell us. You see maybe you need a quick refresher course about the Vinedresser. His main job, day in and day out is to watch for and to aid each individual branch, that each branch will produce maximum output. In other words, God is at work and involved with the personal attention you need for your life to produce maximum fruit.

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So when it you say under your breath “don’t you care?” or “where are you?” or “why aren’t you working in my life?” know this… He cares for you. He is with you always until the end. And He is at work. The question really needs to be redirected to the following… Are you cooperating with the Vinedresser?

Trust God, His Plan For You Is Exceedingly Better Than Your Plan For You.

Our Lord may be attempting to move you on the trellis placing you to get more sunlight or air. He may be cutting away the things in your life that are keeping you from becoming the person He has selected you to become.

Let the vinedresser work in your life. Continually ask Him to help you cooperate with what He wants for your life, living each day and allowing Him to work each day as He sees fit. This is the life that will lead to thriving.

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