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Experience God

“For this reason, I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Ephesians

Have you ever wanted more for someone you loved and cared for? As you look at their life you
know there is so much potential and yet the life they are living is so far from what they could be experiencing, it literally drives you to your knees.

Experieince God.

Our Lord’s desire for you is to go way beyond just acquiring a knowledge of God. Your heavenly Father desires you to experience Jesus, personally and intimately. The phrase the Bible uses in the Ephesians passage expresses this as “being filled with the knowledge of God.”

We can all to easily be filled with ourselves, living selfishly, driven by self-interests, desires, and goals. But believers in Jesus Christ, have been given the way out of the self-life. Jesus has set you free and now because of Jesus, you can live for God. Following his direction, being led by His Word, His teachings, and ways.

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As you surrender the self-life and live the Christian life, following Jesus Christ, growing in the ways of Christ, you will be experiencing God and all the wonderful plans He has for your life.

God invites you to go beyond knowing about Him to experience God. Are you ready to cooperate with God? If you are I can guarantee you, you will only wish you started much, much sooner in life.

It starts with seeing your need for Jesus. We all have missed the mark of perfection, we all have sinned and need a savior. The good news is that God has made a way for us in His Son, Jesus Christ. We confess our need and come to faith in Him and start our life-long journey of walking with God. Let me encourage you to walk with Jesus, as stated above you will only regret not making this eternal decision much earlier in your life.

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