All Website Hosting Is The Same Right? Wrong!

All Website Hosting Is The Same Right? Wrong!

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All hosting is not equal especially when it come to business class web hosting.

The more demanding a website the more demanding hosting options are necessary. You will even discover the your hosting company can affect the speed of your website.

I only recommend to my clients high-performance servers with solid-state drives capable of handling millions of requests without performance degradation. I suggest you select a hosting firm that will limit the number of websites on the web hosting platform to keep performance at optimal levels.

When Selecting A Web Hosting Firm What Should I Look For?

Here are some of the technologies and web hosting services should include:

Windows 2016 Servers
Linux Servers with CPanel
Cold Fusion 2016(Windows), .Net(Windows), php(Linux or Windows)
Cold Fusion 9.2(Windows), .Net(Windows), php(Linux or Windows)
MS-SQL Standard and MySQL
E-commerce – Able Commerce, Opencart
WordPress Web Hosting
IronPort Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus
Webmail Interface / Smartermail
POP / IMAP / (SMTP available)
FTP Access
15 minute back-ups
Static IP Addresses

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