All That Jesus Began

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All That Jesus Began

All the things that Jesus began to do and to teach.” – Acts 1:1

In Lukes gospel, the author of this book the book of ACTS told the story of the life of Jesus upon the earth and now as he writes the book called Acts he goes on to tell the story of the Christian Chruch.

The gospel of Luke was only the story of what Jesus began to do and to teach. Jesus’ earthly life was only the beginning of an activity which knows no end. You see you could say, in one sense the whole lesson in the book of Acts is that of the life of Jesus continuing on in His Church.

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The Church continues to do the work of Jesus here on earth after He is first resurrected and then ascended to the right hand of God the Father. We learn as we read the book of Acts the Church carrying on the life of Christ. And that is what the Church should be doing today. “carrying on the life of Christ.”

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Today let us embrace both the privilege of salvation and the responsibility of people who have received salvation in Jesus Christ to continue doing His work, spreading His teaching, love, and message of salvation available to all men and women.

This fact also inspires us as we contemplate being the hands and feet of Jesus today in our community, workplace, family, and world. You and I as believers in Jesus are the ones get to bring Christ with us wherever we go continuing His work as we live out our daily life.

This fact might also motivate us after all so many people have mentioned they would never come to Christ based upon the Christians they have seen or know. I know it is an excuse but then again non-believers looking at Christians that do not resemble anything of Jesus are fueled by the enemy of their soul to accept their justification.

Imagine what Jesus could accomplish through us if we would take a fresh look at the book of Acts and the lives of the first believers and from their example learn to practice the presence of Christ as they did. Might I say we could change the world? I think I will after all who wouldn’t want to be part of a church that carries on the life of Christ.

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