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I really enjoy the phrase Farmers Insurance uses in some of it’s advertising…”We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two” I know it’s just a commercial but it really speaks to the value of experience, the value which we can use in our own lives when we face those things and say “been there, done that, don’t want to do that again.” And it really speaks to the value of learning from others experience in similar life’s journey.


I gave my life to The Lord, Jesus Christ in 1974 but it wasn’t till 1988 that I answered the call of God to prepare and ultimately become a Senior Pastor. I have started churches from scratch and taken over churches in the last 25 plus years and needless to say. “I have seen a thing or two and have learned a thing or two.” which now The Spirit of God has laid on my heart to share with Pastors, and Christian Ministry leaders.

In fact, as my wife and I were preparing and praying to plant a new church in 2018 God reached into my heart as only He can do and placed a new call, giving me a new mission of Empowering Christian leaders for greater impact.

Stop Talking Revival, Be Revived

We live in a day and age where popularity has become the prime measure of success, yes even in the church. You know what I mean, we go to conferences and ultimately the question will arise…”So how many people do you have now?” or the “Hey brother, how big is your church now?” Not that there is anything wrong with a large church but clearly large does not equate success in the eyes of Jesus.

We live in a day and age where many Pastors are discouraged and can’t seem to find their way to health and the joy of walking with and serving Jesus. Others are living in the sin that they preach and teach others not to do week in and week out. Or worse, because of a sheared conscious pulpits across America are avoiding the message the Spirit of God is seeking to bring to His people. The message of true repentance and a returning to a wholehearted relationship with Jesus modeled by the Pastors example.

Today we have more megachurches than ever before but the church has never been less impactful to the world around us. We must truly start praying and seeking the Lord as to what He wants to do with His church that you serve in.

Today we have more prayerless pastors stepping into pulpits powerless sharing the sermon notes they pulled off the web the night before from some sermon-notes website.

Maybe you Pastor are finding yourself discouraged, possibly your facing a moral crisis, your marriage a mess and your kids hardly know you anymore. You started out in ministry for the right reasons, with the right heart. You were so in love with Jesus but somewhere along the line with all the people problems, financial difficulties, the strain on your personal relationships etc. You are now a shell of what God has called you to be.

How I Got Here

So as not to sound like some angry old man, which I am not as those who know me will attest… My personal story began one day when I told the Lord “I’m through with ministry”…fast-forward 6 years later He shook me one day to the core…I’ll leave the emotional rollercoaster, the tears, the hurt and how I was told how I broke the heart of my MASTER explanation out. I think you have the picture.

I know Pastors as I write this note, that are burned out, bitter, powerless, loveless and angry. The enemy has struck many a shepherd to scatter the sheep. Possibly this is your story today. You were once alive in Jesus with a vibrant loving heart and now you isolate yourself for various reasons, or you think your sin is hidden and not affecting anyone. May I say in love, and I mean in AGAPE, it may be hidden from others at the present time but the Spirit of God is being grieved, and it’s having an effect.

Like Peter the apostle, that morning on the beach; Jesus restored me, renewed me, revived me and impressed His limitless love on me like never before. You see my friend. I am not perfect nor saying to you Pastor you need to be perfect. But God is saying to us “for such a time as this”… Deal with the sin, deal with the distractions, deal the fact that worldly success is not a Godly success. The enemy is working overtime to destroy your witness, your relationships, and the ministry God has given you and all that you know in Jesus.

However, I do have good news, the comforter, the Holy Spirit will help and bring healing.

On Mission To Lead Leaders Into Greater Impact

I believe God wants to restore, renew and rebuild His servant leaders, however, some tearing down will have to happen first – we must realize “the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God.” – 1st Peter 4:17 The Spirit of God is seeking to pour out His power but He will not use unclean vessels.

Mission Verse: “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to pull down. To destroy and to throw down, To build and to plant” – Jeremiah 1:9b,10

Life Verse: “…speak to the people all the words of this life.” – Acts 5:20

My ministry now is to help, help you, your ministry leadership team and Christian Leaders in the Marketplace. Pray and let’s connect and see what God will do.

Statement of Faith