God, What Are You Waiting For?

God, What Are You Waiting For?

God, What Are You Waiting For?

Come on, fess up… We all have done it, shouted, screamed aloud or in our hearts “God, what are you waiting for” at least once in our life if not several times in any given week.

What is God Waiting For?

If I even attempted to be specific you would quickly hit the escape key, at least I hope you would. I’m not going to fake it. I do not know all the answers,  but a story in the very first book of the Bible inspired me to discuss this subject from one perspective. Sometimes God is waiting for you and me to take action before He will take action.

Let me explain, the story begins with God, He has created the earth and is currently watering it with a mist coming from the ground because He had not caused it to rain, why? because there was no man to till, cultivate or work the ground the bible tells us.

God Is Waiting For Man

I don’t want to push this too far but I believe there are a few important points for us as it pertains to our calling and serving God in our businesses.

Here is the executive summary: 

  1. The earth is the Lords
  2. We are created by the Lord
  3. We are placed to do a job by the Lord
  4. Once we get our understanding and action right, God will switch from waiting to action
Timing And Tasking Are Everything

The reason I truly enjoy faith-based business training is to see the lights go off in a person’s head when they see how their work is important to God. In fact, I would like to take it further and show you that your work is actually part of your service to God. You are to be a steward, serving Him in what He has called you to do with the gifts and talents and resources God’s provided for you. This not only brings God the honor due Him but you will find this to be the perfect fitting work for you.

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Your Business Is Your Calling

Now it may be as you read this you’re saying “I HATE MY WORK” which means you either need an attitude adjustment or quite honestly you are doing the wrong work. Get out and get right!  Invest the time to pray, asking God for specific direction. Rely on the following facts… Since it’s His will that you work, and His gifts and talents enabling you to work. He is willing and wanting I believe to lead you to the right work. You see it will take faith and it may take some time, but let God lead you. Possibly God laid on your heart some time ago a vision or a dream and you just let it lie dormant. As our story continues we learn that God placed man in the garden and positioned him to do specific tasks. When all things are ready God no longer is waiting but moving. As Adam picked up the tasks and went to work he was actually serving as God had called him to serve.

Possibly God’s Delay Is Simply Your Preparation Time

There is a story in the Bible of a potter not unlike the picture I used for this post, where you can see the hands kneading the dough. In this story, God uses a prophet to tell His people “I am the potter and you are the clay”.

God may be waiting for you to get ready, preparing you and shaping you for a specific calling He has for you or He may be seeking to move you into something new, a new chapter, and challenge, a task which He has specifically designed for you to influence this needy world.

Your Business Is The Vehicle For Serving God In The Everyday

This world is desperately in need of seeing Christ in action, not hearing about Him, but seeing Him, lived out in everyday life. Sometimes we hear ( or think we are hearing ) that our service to God only happens in the confines of a particular church or fellowship. Let me encourage you and inspire you with this. If God has called you to the marketplace than allow Him to prepare you to serve Him in the marketplace.

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