Glorify God With Network Marketing

Glorify God With Network Marketing

Glorify God With Network Marketing

How to glorify God is a subject we often explore in faith-based and marketplace ministry business circles. But sometimes it seems the conversation has little effect being too conceptual instead of some good old rubber hits the road steps. Here are three steps to put into practice that may change the way you demonstrate your leadership and view the opportunities for leadership in network marketing.

Be Skillful

Get great at what you do. In fact, seek to be the best, a true network marketing pro. I strongly believe that if your work is a good fit for your personality that God has indeed provided you the talent and the gifts to do that work. Your being excellent gives glory to God as long as you are not taking the credit for the gifts and talents He has given you. Be a great steward of the talent and gifts, while honoring God.

Be Impacting

You may or may not realize it but you are in a position of influence. Your influence at this given time may be small and seemingly non-existent as you are just starting to build your team and downline. You may be just thinking about going into network marketing or you may recognize your influence as you are reading this post, seeing your downline and teams in your business as your responsibility to teach and lead. Use this influence to shape the ethos of your organization. It will take time and you must be patient and perseverant. Slowly and steadily help the people you have an influence over have a life-changing impact.

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Be Serving

Jesus teaches us, kingdom leaders are servants. Jesus himself came not to be served but to serve. Be the one that serves those around you. Simply being helpful as little opportunities present themselves are the little opportunities God is giving you to be a servant. You will find as your heart is open and attitude of thankfulness and seeking to be impacting, the little things will really make a big difference.


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