These 5 Things

these 5 things

These 5 Things

Within this letter of warning from Jude he brings to light advice for better living.

These 5 things identified by Jude seem so simple that one might easily dismiss them altogether. However to dismiss these 5 things would be a big mistake for these 5 things can really make a huge difference in our lives.

Firstly, Jude exhorts us to Keep ourselves in the main current of God’s love.

Jesus said statements like “If you love me keep my commandments” and “Abide in my love” which means to keep seeking His will and His way in our lives that His love can flow in and through our lives.

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Secondly, Jude says to build our character after the likeness of Christ.

Faith in Jesus is to follow Jesus and to follow Jesus means to be imitators of God in Christ. To be of the same mind – to consider what would Jesus do? We should be asking ourselves is my life producing His character traits? Am I becoming more like Jesus?

Thirdly, Jude says to Pray in the Holy Spirit.

We are to be seeking the things of the Spirit in contrast to the things of the flesh which take no seeking at all. It’s everywhere, bombarding us therefore we must be praying to overcome the things of the flesh by being led of the Spirit. In doing so our prayer life will flush out the flesh and we will experience greater victory.

Fourthly, Jude says to be looking unto Mercy.

Jesus’ mercy keeps us humble and allows us walk in a constant attitude of gratitude. You see the mercy of God when our applied to our lives is God withholding the judgement we deserve. Followed by God’s grace which is to bless us with blessings we do not deserve because Jesus is both merciful and gracious toward His disciples.

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Fifthly, Jude says to hate the things of the flesh.

The world tells us to tolerate, to accept to the point where we no longer are alarmed or affected negatively. But God’s Word tells to hate the things of the flesh, to walk by the Spirit, being led of the Spirit therefore we are told to keep ourselves in the Spirit. The world says accept the Bible says abhor the carnality and fleshly activity of self and to “Seek First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.” and we shall enjoy the fruit of God’s Spirit.

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