Co-Workers With Jesus

Co-Workers With Jesus

Co-Workers With Jesus

Within this well known, often talked about event we learn how God allows us to be co-workers with Jesus.

Jesus said unto Phillip, where shall we buy bread that these may eat? John 6:5

Notice Jesus didn’t ask where shall I buy bread?

Sometimes I think we fall prey to the idea that God may be left wondering what to do or how to accomplish something. Jesus isn’t asking the question because He doesn’t know what to do or that He even needs help at this point. He is asking to teach His disciples a very important lesson about serving. However within this event we learn how we are allowed to be co-workers with Jesus.

God doesn’t need our help.

After all He spoke the world into existence. Jesus raised the very dead Lazarus and healed the leper without the help of anyone of His followers. However the lesson is for us to realize that Jesus is still working in our midst but often it is in co-operation with people like you and I. The Bible says, “….the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.” Daniel Chapter 11:32

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Jesus didn’t ask where shall You buy bread?

Jesus, knowing the needs of all men and perfectly able to do everything himself doesn’t keep the work to himself, nor does he lay the entire burden on us. The exciting thing is that we get to be a co-worker with Jesus.

Jesus did ask, where shall we buy bread?

Even when we feel a great burden and the circumstances seem like it’s all on us, like we have to do it all, it’s not. On the contratry, Jesus allows us to partner with Him in the lives of the people around us. As delivers in Jesus we get to be a co-worker with Jesus to meet the needs of the people around us. Jesus said it clearly when He asked, where shall we buy bread?

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Co-workders with Jesus experience amazing things.

The Lord may have placed you in a position where you have very little, yet God is putting on your heart a tremendous need. Like this event – You may only have some bread and a few fish, thinking what can this do? How can the little that I have accomplish anything? But as co-workers with Jesus, He can take the poorest and simplest of things and make the most wonderful use of them for His glory and for the blessing of those around us.

I believe when you and I will place our little into His hands, God will allow us to be co-workers with Jesus and be part of Him working and accomplishing the amazing things which only God can do.

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