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“I came so everyone would have life, and have it fully.” – Jesus


Wondering about God, Jesus, or the Bible?
Startingpoint is a series of conversations about faith designed for people who are brand new to Christianity, are processing faith after having been away from the church for awhile, or just having questions or doubts about faith and spirituality.

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Listen to “Step Forward Radio” with Pastor Ric Bender and learn how to step into God’s amazing plan for your life.

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Is Giving Into Temptation Ruining Your Life?
What does it really mean to make Healthy Choices? It’s not just about our physical health. Making healthy choices is also about our spiritual health and well-being. We see it everywhere fitness gurus, healthy living books, apps, and workout regiments. We will spend so much time, effort and money on our outward health and then wonder why spiritually we are sick. This book will tackle temptation, a key element to spiritual weakness, as well as simple solutions to overcoming and finally seeing victory.

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